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Corporate track record
What & Who is Perceptione?
Our primary focus lies in the strategic optimisation of existing and new
marketing and media efforts for companies.
Solutions-based analysis seeks not to find what is wrong with a brand, but rather what is required to optimise the brand's efficiency and what essential changes need to be made.   Brand growth and relationship-building rely heavily on an accurate market positioning and very disciplined long-term attention to every consumer touchpoint.   Advertising is a responsible process. Creative advertising is not an artistic is being constructively different i.e. being different in order to achieve specified results.   Media optimisation is critical amidst the plethora of options available and shrinking budgets. Whether choosing online or mainline, targeting your prospect with accuracy is essential.   Strategic design is an integral part of the brand projection and the establishment of long-term equity. Every successful brand leads with a distinctive and supremely disciplined design identity.

The Perceptione focus lies in working with companies, both large and small, to help them realise their maximum potential regarding maintaining a consistent and meaningful impression in the marketplace..

Our strengths lie in the discovery of exciting potential that will maximise brand presence and elevate customer awareness and engagement in a highly competitive market.

Our aim is to ensure that marketing strategies, creative messages, staff and and media interaction with clients and prospects are fully understood and achieve their greatest potential.

Our philosophy adopts a strictly service-based approach towards the creation of the best possible practices and solutions.

Our services incorporate all the disciplines within the Eight Areas of Influence outlined in our Brand Architecture page. These may include all eight or only those that present potential for improvement.

Over and above Image Consulting services we offer Corporate Design, Product and Services Development, Public Relations and Image Auditing.

Perceptione was launched as an independent Corporate Image Architecture consultancy in March of 2007 and has worked with high and low profile marketing Clients (see some of them below) assisting with development of corporate image and corporate reputation development.


Chris van Rooyen marketing

Chris van Rooyen / Chief Consultant Guy
Marketer. Advertising Practitioner. Creative Director. Thinker. Facilitator.

Chris has enjoyed 35 years in the Marketing, Advertising and Business Development Industries along with being a founder of Internet Business, Business Coach, Consultant and Strategist.

Most of the 35 years have been spent as Creative Director for companies such as Young & Rubicam, Bates, McCann Erickson and Leo Burnett. This has led to a natural creative way of thinking and identifying marketplace opportunities.

Included in his experience is Business Training and Consultation in the areas of Formal Marketing and Business Behavior. When in the Advertising Industry Chris specialised in consumer behavior which has led to an acute understanding of consumer expectations at all levels of lifestyle.


For further information please call Chris on 083 701 2008
Clients and Customers

Perceptione taps into a network of companies and
individuals that have extensive experience in their respective fields,
all of whom have done hard time in the
marketing, advertising & media industries.



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Client Track Record

Below is a segment of the clients we have worked with over the years at many
different levels. With some we have worked directly and others through third party
companies and/or organisations. Perceptione is happy to collaborate with and share
expertise with companies that wish to strengthen their service portfolio in
order to offer a more holistic solution to their clients.

Client Experience
For a professional consultation and preliminary image audit please complete the form opposite and we will
call to set up an appointment physically or on a digital platform. Our meeting with you, your brief and the preliminary audit will serve to determine costs which
will be estimated and approved before we go ahead
with any work. We look forward to dealing with you.

Discover what we
can do for your
company right now

Corporate Image Architecture


People buy from businesses that impress them,
therefore creating a good impression makes money.

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